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Our family at The Cutting Edge fell in love with Newport Beach from our very first visit. As far as our relationship with Newport Beach goes, we’ll always be in the honeymoon period. How could we not be? Being in Newport Beach feels like you’re on your honeymoon. From the daily guided whale watching tours at Davey’s Locker or Newport Landing, to sharing a bowl of Linguine Primavera (with shrimp added, of course) at Balboa Island’s Wilma’s Patio (also family owned, which naturally we love). We just can’t seem to get enough of this amazing city.

Newport Beach is picturesque. We get lost in the scenic ambiance of Newport Beach whether we’re visiting Crystal Cove, hiking alongside other visitors and locals, or watching families dock and dine at Cannery Village. There’s just something magical about Newport Beach life.

Which, to be honest, is why we love doing business here. Yes, we thoroughly enjoy having our office be the sand and surf of Newport. But it’s more than that. There’s something quite fulfilling about adding to the beauty of this already magnificent city. When we complete the landscaping of a Newport Beach home and the transformation of the home matches the beauty of the city surrounding the residence, we know we did something spectacular.

Our Services

In addition to the hardscaping jobs we complete in Newport— installing a paver patio to elevate your backyard, for instance—we thoroughly enjoy installing water features into Newport Beach homes. Not only do swimming pools wildly increase the value of your home, but swimming pools provide you with a private water retreat. The privacy of a properly landscaped pool contrasts perfectly against the public water retreat your coastal fantasyland city provides you with daily. What nature affords for you on Newport’s beaches, we create for you within the privacy of your own backyard. Go out and explore the wonders of Newport Beach, and then return home to relax in a yard that’s equally beautiful, in its own right.

Just as we strive to match the beauty of your city to the beauty of your redesigned landscape, we also strive to match it in fun. Newport Beach has some of the best activities and attractions around. The Balboa Fun Zone likely being the most well-known with its iconic Ferris wheel and charming arcade games. With a Cutting Edge redesign, you can truly discover the beauty that lies hidden in your property. And once you do, you’ll want to have fun with it. What better excuse to host friends, family, and neighbors for appetizers and mocktails than when you beautify your home? If you choose to add landscaping rock to your yard—which, by the way, you should highly consider; landscaping rock is the new black, after all—you’ll want to eat dinner in your new backyard several times a week, minimum.


When it comes to hardscaping, we love creating creative designs with all sorts of quality materials. Here are a few ways you might consider using hardscaping in your landscaping:

  • Driveway
  • Pathway
  • Walkway
  • Fencing
  • Patios & Decks
  • Stairs
  • Built-in Furniture
  • …and more!

We can’t wait to service you to not only transform your yard, but transform your lifestyle.

We’re only 25 short minutes away, practically next door in Los Alamitos.

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