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The Cutting Edge Landscape Design is a company dedicated to beautifying the Los Angeles County and beyond. As part of our goal, we love to service the various cities in and around Los Angeles county, including the ever-beautiful beach cities where a large population lives and works. These beach cities are well known for their beautiful climates and landscapes, making them prime areas for our services. One of our favorite service areas is the city of El Segundo. Located on the Santa Monica Bay, this natural beauty offers a lot of opportunities for new, dynamic landscaping ideas that only add to the natural beauty of the area.


Due to its close proximity to Los Angeles, El Segundo offers quick access to some of the best attractions in and around LA such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Griffith Park & Observatory. A little closer to home, though, tourists can enjoy visiting the El Segundo Museum of Art (ESMoA) and the Old Town Music Hall, El Segundo. These landmarks offer a close look at the life, art, and unique culture of this beach city.


The El Segundo area was scouted out as a potential settlement as early as 1910, and the city became officially incorporated in 1917. Previously a part of the Sausal Redondo Rancho controlled by Daniel Freeman, who founded Inglewood, El Segundo was always an attractive area to wealthy investors of the time. Due to the area’s proximity to the ocean and it’s wide, vacant land, Richard Hanna, the Superintendent of a Franklin, PA refinery was persuaded by Willian Rheem, the construction manager of Standard Oil’s Refinery in Point Richmond, to build his second refinery there. The land got its name, El Segundo, meaning “the second” in Spanish, thanks to Rheem’s wife, Virginia.

As soon as 1912, the area had grown from what was known as a tent city to a settlement of over 180 homes, 20 businesses, a bank, churches, a school, and 5 hotels. Standard Oil and the refinery were mainly responsible for the growth of this city until it was officially incorporated on January 18, 1917. From here, the area continued to grow and today, the city’s population has leveled at quaint 16,500 residents.

Why We Love Doing Business Here

This area is a spot of pure, natural beauty. Near the ocean and privy to wonderful sea climate, the plants are healthy, green and vibrant. Much of the residents in El Segundo enjoy the beautiful sunshine and blue skies of the typical beach city which ultimately offers itself to beautiful landscaping designs. With so much natural beauty to work with, the Cutting Edge Landscape Design can only enhance what’s already here.

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landscaping el segundo

Interesting Stuff

During World War II, there was a high amount of activity in El Segundo with a variety of aviation companies such as Douglas Aircraft, Northrop, Interstate, North American Aviation, and more. Before and during the war, these companies and others transitioned from simple aviation companies into the aerospace/defense industry. By the 1960s, the Aerospace Company Corporation, and the Los Angeles Air Force Base helped give El Segundo the title of “The Aerospace Capital of the World,” despite its small-town look and feel. For more information on this and more, go here.

Drive Time / How Long Wil It Take Us to Service You?

Our main offices are located in Los Alamitos, CA, but we offer services all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. From our main office to El Segundo, it’s about a 30-minute drive, however, we make it a point to arrive on time to all of our appointments, whether they be consultations or full on projects. Our motto is to help our customers “discover the beauty that lies in hidden in your property.” With this in mind, the amount of time it takes to service you will depend upon the project. Simpler projects could take a few days, while larger ones could be anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. For an accurate estimation of just how long your project will take, call for a free quote and to speak with a representative at 301 406 2251.

What to Expect When We Service

Our main goal is to bring out the beauty in your property, so when you work with the Cutting Edge Landscape Design, you can expect a wonderful experience that can only make your home or business better. We specialize in most all forms of landscaping from installing water features to creating new pavements, building walls, or making art with plants and furniture. We want to make your vision come to life—it all starts and ends with you.

The Cutting Edge Landscape Design takes pride in our work. We want you to feel as great about your home or business as possible, so we do all we can to make your project a success. Froom hardscape and soft scape to water features and outdoor living, we offer every landscaping service in the book. We can’t wait to service you, so visit our main site or give us a call as soon as possible.