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Everyone thinks about landscaping. When people first move into a new home, the first thing that they often think of is Landscaping. If someone feels like they want to upgrade their home in a small way, the first thing that they usually consider is some backyard landscaping. Landscaping is great and all, but its not all there is to yard design. In fact, hardscaping can often be an even bigger piece of the outdoor design puzzle. Hardscape design often adds a sophisticated flair to a backyard full of greenery or can add a nice contrasting balance to give your front or back yard some levels and dimensions. Here are nine really cool things to consider when thinking about hardscape designs:

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Snazzy Hardscaping Ideas for Your Yard

When looking at these suggestions, remember that they are just suggestions, or starter points, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative. If you can think it, it can be done!

  1. Perfect Pathway
    Adding a pathway to a hardscape design is definitely a popular choice. One really cool idea is to have am seamless stone pathway from the front yard leading through the side gate into the backyard. There are many different types of stone you can choose from and you can even add some flare by adding gravel or moss beneath the stones. Be sure to consider the surroundings when choosing the color of the stones and the way that you organize them. Be careful not to make it look too subtle or too busy. Talk to a professional to help you create the perfect balance for your pathway.
  2. Driveway
    Hardscape driveways add a touch of sophistication to the front of any house. A sleek dark brick can make for a great and classic grand entrance whereas a driveway filled with hexagonal cobblestones can give you more of a modern and edgy look.
  3. Walkway
    Similar to hardscape pathways and driveways, a hardscape walkway is all about making an entrance as well. One neat way to install a hardscape walkway in your backyard is to have a walkway leading to a smaller haven created in your yard like a bench, a garden, or a fountain. Another way to make great use of a hardscape walkway is laying some stone leading up to your front door. Your guests will be impressed from the time they get there up until the time that they leave.
  4. Gravel Fun
    Now hear me out. I know you’re probably thinking…gravel? How could using gravel in my landscaping possible be fun? But it absolutely can, and let me tell you how. Not only can gravel be used as the underside for a dazzling pathway, but it is very versatile and can also be used in many other different ways. For contrast, you can add a pit of gravel to outline greenery that you may have in your yard or you can even add it to a flowerbed. Another really cool idea is to create a gravel fire pit for you and your family to enjoy on a breezy winter night.
  5. Fences
    Fences are an easy one. Whether it be in the front yard or the backyard, adding a fence not only adds an element of privacy and seclusion, but also adds an element of elegance to your space. There are many creative ways that you can use a fence in your backyard – for example, some people use fences to break up their yards into different areas to be used for different purposes. Like separating the pool area from the patio area, for instance.
  6. Patios & Decks & Pergolas
    If you have a large amount of space in your backyard, a patio or deck is definitely the way to go. Nothing says sophisticated like relaxing in your back yard underneath a pergola while reading a book.
    Warning: Sunday Brunch on the Patio in the summer will definitely become a family favorite.
  7. Stairs
    One of my favorite parts of the front of any home is a hardscape staircase leading up to the front door. They are simplistic, yet classy, and definitely will make your guests feel like they are making a grand entrance.
  8. Built-In Furniture
    Along with adding furniture to your potential patio, building in a swinging bench or sitting area can be a great hardscape addition that you will look great and get lots of use!